Astrobiology is one of the newest and most interdisciplinary scientific field of study, and a very exciting one, that is researching the potential of life in the universe, the origins of life and the potential of life expansion in the Universe. It is formerly known as exobiology and the field includes not only biology, but also chemistry, physics, geology, astrophysics, social sciences, complexity sciences, information and computer sciences and many more. It is a truly interdisciplinary, fascinating field of study that emerged from the necessity of answering some of the largest questions in science, from the origin of life, to how we define life and how can we detect it in other parts of the Universe.

This year's conference on astrobiology included scientists from a wide diversity of fields, projects and institutions.

More about the talks here: AbSciCon 2019

"Life should have a purpose, however meaningless." (SELF-ANNIHILATING SENTENCES - Saul Gorn's Compendium Of Rarely Used Cliches, 1985)